Medusa Tempts Eve, written by Henna Johansdotter at

Medusa Tempts Eve

Medusa Tempts Eve

written by: Henna Johansdotter


Darling you know he only loves the part of you that’s him
You know he only wants you to lay beneath him
while he harvests the nectar from your womb
His children will conquer the earth
while you lay paralyzed in eternal labor
condemned to suffer
by his lust

Darling the world doesn’t need another tale
where woman is weak
torn hymen
bleeding on the altar of Athena
We don’t need more tales
where the women who defend themselves
become monsters
and the men who slay them
are pronounced heroes

The world needs a sweeping plague of a woman
to wage war on rapist gods
while the gardens of Eden crumble at our feet
we will hunt
and we will

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