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written by: Enigma/MG


The morning sun
Moods of
A sense of
In vaporised
Sifting through
The glassed
House windows
Heavens’ bliss
Warming my soul
In heartfelt rays
Singing Melodia’s
Strings merging
Into notes keyed
Upon the grand
Piano of love
Swaying my soul
Into gratitudes
Of moments with
Him, I am filled
Within the valleys
Of his chivalry
Captured into
The arms of
His embrace
Safely cloaked
A resting place
I have found
More than my
Silhouettes of
Encapsulated …


~ (C) Enigma/MG

Maddalen Ghayyoori, Alias - Enigma/MG

Maddalen Ghayyoori, Alias - Enigma/MG

A single mother of three (now adults), Melbourne born and based, a massage therapist and working in the hospitality industry; this free spirited self declared writer new to the world of poetries, keeps her love and passion for intermingling her words imperfect, raw, emotive, straight to the point and confronting which all in all seems to work in line with keeping to her, true self, her inner heart and to her journeys of life. She is a shade of light and darkness...
Maddalen Ghayyoori, Alias - Enigma/MG

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