Microdose Christmas, a haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at Spillwords.com

Microdose Christmas

written by: Robyn MacKinnon



microdose Christmas

That did kinda escalate

has been a doozy



Illustration description: Two generic cartoon characters sit on a couch. Their eyes are disproportionately huge, and spiraling in Christmas colours (red for the figure on the left, green for the right). The background is psychedelic yellow, green, and red, scattered with gold foil disks or spheres, resembling ornaments or candies. The figures, the couch, and the floor are coloured black with white outlines, making it easier to see the snowy terrain showing through the floor, and the snow falling in the blackness. Between the figures on the couch sits a winking snowman. Above the figures and centre sits the haiku in white Comic Sans MS Regular font, casting a shadow on the psychedelic wall.

Robyn MacKinnon

Robyn MacKinnon

I am mostly a visual artist, but I like to create "found poetry", specifically daily haiku made from the statuses of my Facebook friends. It was my Mom who started this, and officially passed the responsibility onto me when she became too busy.
Robyn MacKinnon

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