Midnight City Mist written by RhymeRula at Spillwords.com

Midnight City Mist

Midnight City Mist

written by: RhymeRula



Walking through a midnight city mist
The streets are awake as it speaks with its volume amplified
Listen carefully
High heel apple bottom temptations on every corner
Performers causing heart murmurs so you better look forward
Becoming accustomed to the cities sights like a foreigner
Ethanol covered breaths begin to brawl
Finding their curtain call on the curb
As an ambulance comes to pick up the remnants of the fight
Vision impaired intensified by the herb
Lights flaring all over a ROYGBIV spectrum
Wishing for the sun to rise
Accompanied with a rainbow to cleanse the stench of the streets
Down a step of stairs as I ride a track back home
Knowing I’ll return to roam once again in a midnight city mist

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