Miles To Go, a poem written by Greg Massey at

Miles To Go

Miles To Go

written by: Greg Massey



So many miles I’ve come
and have not slept;
the day finds me
having gasped in the void of the
comma and the period of a semicolon.
The imagistic statue before me is translucent, semitransparent,
as its torch dwindles under frozen tears.
I close the page and pray
conclusion from this journey is found
along miles of sleep.



Robert Frost’s poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is influential upon my life. What a world we live in. What have we, as a nation, become? What have we become as individuals? If liberal and conservative were terms we cast away and began to live according to right or wrong, if we lived selflessly, imagine the results. This poem was prompted after tossing back page upon page of a magazine, and there was no encouragement to be found no matter which article I read. The semicolon is representative of when an author could have ended a sentence, yet the author continued. This poem is allegorical; I hope it inspires those who view it to continue with pure hearts and clean minds. The battle is worth fighting.

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