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Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror

written by: Nicole Cheng



Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Will I rise up or will I fall?
Mirror, mirror can you see?
Am I someone else or am I truly me?
Can you tell me what I am?
Will I pass or fail the personality exam?

Am I the cheerleader or the goth?
Am I the bookworm who reads a lot?
Am I the hipster or the nerd?
Am I the emo no one has ever heard?
Am I the tomboy or the skater?
Am I the mean girl with many haters?
Do I cheer and smile 24/7?
Do I break laws behind the 7-Eleven?
Do I cry and bleed in pain every day?
Do I study and read with no play?
Am I the one who hugs the trees?
Am I the one who kisses any guy with please?
Do I exploit for wanted attention?
Do I really enjoy staying in detention?
Am I the one with A’s in every class?
Am I Miss Perfect without any sass?
Am I the fashionista with lots of glam?
Am I the rock star with loud guitar jam?
Am I really shy, scared and quiet?
Am I as loud and active as a riot?
Do I play the classical violin?
Or the hard metal drums with sin?
Do I perform serene ballet on stage?
Or a band that sings rock with rage?
Am I a girl wearing makeup and a dress?
Or a girl playing football and loves the mess?
Am I the evil Queen Bee of the whole school?
Or the new wannabe who wants to be cool?
Am I a nerdy geek who loves anime?
Or a weird freak who scares others every day?
Do I have a smile with a bright tone?
Or a frown in a dark corner all alone?

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I don’t know what I am at all.
Mirror, mirror can you help me?
Can you tell me what you truly see?
I may not know what I am;
I may pass or fail the personality exam?

All I know is that my name is forever Nicole,
And I am something no one else can control.

Nicole Cheng

Nicole Cheng

My name is Nicole Cheng. I am an aspiring writer and poet. I love poetry. I'm currently working on my first debut novel. Outside of writing, I help bring love and strength for those who have gone through difficult lives, such as I.
Nicole Cheng

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