Mistress of the Cloud by Jessikalynn1980 at Spillwords.com

Mistress Of The Cloud

Mistress of the Cloud

written by: Jessikalynn1980



Mistress of the cloud

I call upon thee

Swath me in your shrouds

Let me fly and be free.


Let thine rain

Kiss the brow upon my face

Free me from this chain

Drift me to a happier place.


Stay the storms rage

Tearing my world apart

Free my soul from this cage

So I can mend my broken heart.


Mistress of the cloud

Listen to my voice and heed my plea

Many things have I avowed

And failure to many, I must concede.


For only a fool

Takes for granted

A love as bright as a jewel

A love that leaves one feeling enchanted.


Mistress of the cloud

Lead me to my wife

For her love was vowed

Now I know she is my life.

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