Modern Savings written by Steve Green at

Modern Savings

Modern Savings

written by: Steve Green



Out and about
on a pilgrimage
to the retail cathedral
for eternal bargains I seek

I take the escalator
to the top floor
and find God marked down
on the clearance rack
desperately trying to be sold
to indifferent pilgrims
for a ridiculous price

Down by the food court
I see his boy Jesus
hanging with Allah
working the kiosk scene
offering up major savings
to harried consumers
who ain’t buying
cause neither accepts credit

Out in the multi level parking lot
I buy a full length mirror
from a grungy vendor clad red
peddling product illegally
with his off the books mentality

As a special bonus
for my valued patronage
the slick salesman
throws in a bag of apples
free of charge
or any moral obligations

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