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written by: Madhumita



I want to nestle in the warmth of your arms
Your hands in mine, the fingers entwined around each other with love
The moon teasing me, looking peeringly at me
The dark sky and the funny jeering clouds poke fun at me winking and twinkling with the naughty stars
The calm breeze tantalizingly soothes my skin and make my locks dance
Maybe we will see two thumping red hearts
With love, sailing with featherlight wings
Bursting on their seams to let out the loving truth
I have waited this long to hear those words dripping in your love
I will never ever give up, trust me when this I say
You peer deep down into my love filled eyes
As you look and scan I keep on looking at you, loving you the same
We waited for the moon to hide and as the first dew drops settled on the leaves,
Then you passionately kissed me, setting me afire,
with fire in our hearts, kindled with pure desires,
We witnessed it all, in love, together in a tight embrace,
At last, the moon came out again with a smiling face
The night, the moon, the stars all connived together, for us to unite
Hold me tight, my dear, as we capture these moments in our hearts together!

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