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written by: Brad Osborne


Mother’s Day was coming
And the young lad all but naught
Not a penny in the piggy bank
With which her present bought

She was always there to love
He longed to give her a gift
For he had seen her crying too
And her spirits he prayed to lift

Inside a drawer of the desk
He found a pad and pen
He took a sheet and folded once
The way a card would bend

He drew his best picture on the front
And inside, a note to Mom
He signed it “Billy” at the end
So, she’d know who it was from

When the big day came, first light
He gave it, smiling ear to ear
And when it was read, he saw again
Her eyes were filled with tears

He had hoped he’d make her happy
Such a big thing for a little boy
But tears always seemed sad to him
Even when they are tears of joy

But his words must have worked
At least, from what he could tell
For after that tearful moment
As they sat for just a spell

The glimmer flashed in her eyes
And she beamed that loving smile
The one that meant she was happy
Which had been missing for awhile

Then there on the bed, she kissed his head
And felt the joy of a heart renewed
All from the pen of her little boy
Who wrote, “Mommy, I love you!”

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