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written by: Aurora Kastanias



Humankind rose
To discover, comprehend,
An animal beyond instincts
To hunt, mate,
To wander the boundless land,
Ensure survival of the species
As natural selection selects,
Survival of the fittest.

Polygamy to increase possibilities
Until misleading deception,
Grounding possessions
A square meter to cultivate,
Build, never to wonder again.
A home for two
To keep
Properties to oneself.
Better warriors
Are only once wed.

As wealth rises
The poor bear wifeless,
Monogamy institutionalised
For equality and equity
Tax and fidelity,
Counting worshipers to blemish
Souls, so that each and every man
Loved only one,
Morally and legally prohibiting
To love one more.

Limits to a species
That has none,
While some feel the love
For humanity as a whole
Recognising the self
In all.

Aurora Kastanias

Aurora Kastanias

Born from a Greek, British, Ghanaian father and a Persian mother, I grew up in Rome, where my parents fled to during the Iranian Revolution. The passion for the art of writing led me to earn a Baccalaureate in Literature, being ever since influenced by French 17th and 18th century authors.
While studying for my BA in Business Administration, at an American University in Rome, I further got enchanted by 19th century existential authors as well as European ‘absurdism’ and the Theatre of the Absurd.
It was only after my MBA that I started writing more seriously, giving space to my true passions. In recent years I have written two existential novels in Italian. In recent months I have started studing astrophysics and writing poems in english, which finally brings me here.
Aurora Kastanias

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