Monsoon Magic, a poem by Jayanthi Chandra at
Chinmay Singh

Monsoon Magic

Monsoon Magic

written by: Jayanthi Chandra


The magic pearls on the strings
The lovely dance on the window panes
The flowery designs on the puddle
A delight to the rich and poor alike

The poetry that the sky writes
Mankind calls it rain
The clouds are the quills to write
The earth showers in the joyful mirth

The magnificent fragrance that wafts
As the silver strings come down to kiss the earth
Oh, the Sun becomes gloomy with jealousy
The flowers bend down blushing

The trees get drenched gracefully
The birds quench their thirst gratefully
The children roar with excitement
The rivers echo with commitment

On the wings of Poesy, I flee
Every time I watch thee with glee
My heart dances to the tune
Of Nature’s ancient rhythm

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