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written by: TM DiSarro



In the end it doesn’t even matter*
The world’s a stage
Still waiting for a show
The monster is still chasing
What it’s after
With no concern of what
Or where you go
For it will find a new star to devour
Pick apart the bones left in the sand
Use you as a soundtrack for transition
Pull the rug from under
Where you stand
Once upon a stage
You stood there bleeding
Deep into a pit where monsters reign
Feeding all the vampires
Of the airways
Pieces of abuse laced with disdain
They hungered for an answer
In your writings
Listening to the malice of your sound
Flashing like the striking
Of white lightning
Turning heads like records
Spinning round
Rattling the cages of the monster
Moshing in the madness of your mind
Pouring out your soul
As if the song would last forever
A love affair with fame is truly blind
Roaring back the mirror
Of his heartache
His words fly out like knives
Into deaf ears
The music is addictive
As you chase that perfect high
The monster keeps you
Walking in the air
Brass rings are for carousels
And wishes
Chances pass you by
While you’re asleep
Integrity is lost when compromising
Watering down the promises you keep
Angst and rage will only
Take you so far
Once your old nobody really cares
The monster only wants you
As the lion you once were
A fact of life you never want to share
Confusion is the birthright
To conformity
It kills the spirit as it
Steals your time
Leaving you with nothing
But a poor excuse for pain
A black bag full of words
That never rhyme
The songs he sings
Are now the monster’s memories
Images it constantly rewinds
They fade into each other
Like some colors in a bowl
Bitter as the taste of lemon rinds
All his hurts disguised
As mighty blessings
As his rage bursts forth as he is told
All his faith in words
He’s second guessing
It started when he
Signed away his soul
The promise that a star
Will burn forever
On the paper it was very clear
Your legacy will long survive
Your living
Your music will outlive
Your mortal tears
Now he’s wishing for
A change of venue
Because his cup of life
Has turned up empty
The anger and abuse
That he has been through
Can never feed the monster’s
House of plenty
The power of the spoken word
No longer is a power
He can give
And life inside the stars
That he once wanted
Is life that he no longer
Wants to live



*  lyric by Chester Bennington (“In the End” – Linkin Park)

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