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Monsters In My Head

Monsters in my Head

written by: Fallen Engel



Beast in the forest, with fierce eyes that glow and acrid breath, looking at him I see my death. Never moving, just staring, he has hot mist streaming out his nose. I was just wandering looking for wood when he targeted me with his evil stare. I try to plead and promise never to return but he suddenly lurched forward and told me, you are always here and this is the first time I have intervened. You are a person of habit and I can read you like a book and you have been stealing from me. A third you are and three I call, you have showed up and your turn to die. Nobody can save you so except your fate. The other two, well, I can hardly wait.

Fallen Engel

Fallen Engel

Who am I on this path but a fallen angel in the shadows of the night...
Fallen Engel

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