Morning Prayer, a poem written by Andrea Myinga at
Jandro Saayman

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

written by: Andrea Myinga


This is my morning prayer,
Prior to climbing off my bed,
That God let today be good
As you always wish it to be.

Attend to the cries of your people,
Come to our aid, wipe our tears,
The ghost is haunting at our homes,
There’s no promising hope outdoor.

Can’t you save the souls struggling
Here and there in the sick rooms?
Excuse also those you have called
Out of this horrifying war to you.

Today I am hale and hearty, but
Unworthy to those in afflictions,
Those who have lost their darlings,
Plus many who’re in restlessness.

Dear God, you care for me wholly,
So that at the end of this hard time,
When streets start talking of Covid-19
In past tense, I should remain strong.

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