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Mother Earth

written by: Lizzet


I walk the Earth
Thousand miles to find my route,
Mother nurtures me with her petal
As the grass tickles the soles of my feet
Imprinting all the traces to see,
And discover the magic of my survival
Shrouding me with her sources,
I walk through fields of endless wild
But freely I sway and bask under the sun
Born from pulses of light
Flaming my limbs reaching for the
Moon to glacier this heat,
Extracting soil from my pores
Removing every fragment of thorns
Imploring my flesh, depleting my growth.
Honoring her roots,
Armed in strength
I inhale her air
She is in despair
Heart filled with strife,
I bathe in the purity of her waves
Embracing every part of her home,
Loving her unconditionally,
I become the embodiment of her nature,
A gentle wind kisses the old me
Breathing the deity of self love,
I dance, leading me to salvation
Singing tunes in your sleep
Rotating in infinity ways back home.



I am here to share my soul and encourage. There is always a light flicker at the end of the tunnel, waiting for you. It is hope wrapping itself to see you glow even in darkness.

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