Mother's Kiss, poetry by Joseph L.M. Sturm at
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Mother’s Kiss

Mother’s Kiss

written by: Joseph L.M. Sturm



Sometimes a mother
is a wife and a daughter;
a friend like no other
and in-home doctor.

Boo-boos and owwwies,
and she, a miracle worker,
heals them with a single kiss.
“All better.”

Your soul smiles
in your eyes, and I see
your mother.
I can say I’ve met

I drink your care
every morning, and I
see you stare,
as we make our way
down the stairs.
He says, “Bye bye, Mama.
Mama, bye.”
This. This is why.

And I saw
a dragonfly.
It flew between,
and I knew,
it would seem,
while all mothers wave
good bye,

A smile,
a kiss,
a hug,
a cup of coffee –
all answer the
mother’s ‘why?’
To show that all
live on in
their daughters and

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