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Mountain Lake

written by: Elan Mudrow



I sit with her
Placing her in memory
Giving thoughts strength, yet
In her silence, she frightens me.
I rely on others
Camping upon her shore
To soothe my worry.
And although I haven’t
Seen her rimmed with snow
Echoing the clearest of nights,
Pitted with raindrops
Upon her clear face,
Witnessed her held tight
By mist and clouds,
I know she has experienced this.

She reflects me
Placing me inside her memory
Giving strength to her beauty, yet
In my silence, I frighten her.
She relies on the stream
And springs to ease her.
And although she hasn’t seen
All who I love, have loved,
My stumbles and woes
On nights of anxiety,
My elations and successes,
The clatter of the city
Reverberates within me
She knows I have experienced this.

Elan Mudrow

Elan Mudrow

Elan Mudrow lives in Portland, Oregon. Elan studied writing at Centrum, a partner of Copper Canyon Press in Port Townsend, Washington. Elan’s works have appeared in Von Reuth, Anotherealm, Algebra for Owls and Writers for Calais Refugees. Elan has been WordPress Editor’s Pick twice, Scriggler’s publication of the day twice, and has won Algebra For Owls’ July 2016 poem of the month. Elan runs a poetry blog that has 20,000 plus followers. Elan now seeks an M.A. in English at Portland State University.
Elan Mudrow

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