Mourning Laughter, poetry written by Joni Caggiano at

Mourning Laughter

Mourning Laughter

written by: Joni Caggiano



Closing weary eyelids, my ornamental iron doors
with too many latches
Revolving thoughts like planets in an endless orbit
stealing my nocturnal peace
Breaking the painful silences with cricket songs
and a chorus of spring peepers
My conscience drifts within the smoke from a scented candle
through countless keyholes
Fleeing soundlessly into the moonlight her shadow glows
where bare feet launch forth
Defying gravity ascending with wings of luminous pearls
and feathers lighter than air
Solace envelops me, the sweet smell of blooming lavender
breathes in a dry arid field in Provence
Free from all earthly entanglements I fly above the dense clouds
seeking seclusion and praying for a glimpse of you
To see the starlight shine upon your pleasing face as I evoke
precious memories of green meadows
The toss of your hair, how we melted together like
hot wax in the dancing midsummer sun
Love laughed at us, our youth, as days ran together
as a herd of tempestuous horses
Capturing seasons enthralled with moments of vigorous passion
like limitless honey, we pictured infinity
Soaring higher searching for your infectious laughter
I begin to drift into a dismal expanse
Soaking my pillow from my lamenting, a stream of endless tears
fills the room as I look around with sluggish eyes
Departed too long, even the musky scent of you I did so cherish
lies buried alongside my innocence where I go to mourn
behind the heavy iron doors

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