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Mr Fry

written by: Steve Pearson



"Wrong question",
There ain't no why.
The mind plays
Its own game,
Rendering blame
Or reason,
Certainty is,
When the sun will rise,
Seasons change,
They're all the same,
It's what we know,
But the mind plays
Its own game.
Off we go,
Living lives,
The only way we can,
Happy in the days of sun
Little expected,
No suggestion,
No reason,
No blame,
No why,
"Wrong question".
The mind plays
Its own game.



In a disarmingly honest interview a few years ago, British comedian, actor, writer and presenter Stephen Fry talked about his struggles with mental health as a sufferer of bipolar disorder. During the interview, in which he admitted to recently considering suicide, he was asked, why?  "Wrong question" was his reply.  The complexity of the human brain renders such questions meaningless, as the mind will play its own game.

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Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson

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Steve Pearson

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