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Mutual Love

written by: Aida


Very strange feelings, at a
glance, when first met.
Unspeakable chemistry of
molecules flares up inside.
It hit my spine, oozed sweaty

My heart is like a bomb, ready to
explode and my hidden yearnings,
can’t be contained. I can’t comprehend...
what’s going on inside my veins and
it tickles my bones.

My tongue froze, jaws locked and
endearing words are left unsaid.
I’m cold as ice, my arms, and limbs
numbed and freezing to death...
It's definite, he’s the love of my life.



Aida G. Roque, a teacher for 30 years, a Sped Teacher in Maryland who moved and retired in Delaware, USA. A bilingual poet/ writer hailed in the Philippines and presently residing in the USA. A self published author of 4 children’s books and 3 Collection of Poetry books. An international poet and numerous recipient of global awards for her poems and co-authored anthology with poets, worldwide. Her poems were published by Spillwords NY publishing and Poetrysoup, USA. An emotional poet/writer whose writing speaks of her thoughts from subconscious level and no restriction for her pen to laid down rules and scribbles on first person which gives a certain kind of freedom, subject on nature, world issues, life and human feelings/ emotions, inspire her. All these elements find a place in all her craft. She showcases most of her poems on her FB page. She is presently working towards publishing another 100 poems collection on “Life, Love & Lost” and Short Stories on Women to be published by 2020.

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