My Beloved From Far Away, poetry by Shoshana Vegh at
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My Beloved From Far Away

My Beloved From Far Away

written by: Shoshana Vegh


If you were to be beyond
The mountains of Jerusalem in Bethlehem,
I would be with you on the straw,
Not like the Virgin Mary
And would not be born to us Jesus

If you become
A shepherd in the mountains of Galilee
And wander up to Nazareth
And I would rescue you from among
The believers and carry you instead of the cross

But my beloved from
The far away mountains
Is the one who wanders between
The chambers of my heart
Carrying me from afar on his hard shoulders
These are the abilities for me
He hears my crying

And here in my bed
My beloved comes close
To me and tells me
Do not cry, my love

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