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My Broken Angel

My Broken Angel

written by: Ayushman Jamwal



In the din and endless motion,
Her eyes liberate all the shadows,
A flair of grace and a warm glow,
And a painful sight of crippling sorrow,
A dark space so vast in a gentle soul.

She resonates light to the weary and lost,
A charity of joy and strength in a time of bartered hearts,
Her skin soft and delicate, with scars old and new,
Wounds which fade beneath her alluring gaze,
The hurt deep within, showing no mercy.

She plays my heart strings, my beautiful, broken angel,
I, a Man, yet a base creature, mute and powerless,
Just a sigh and silence as she weeps behind a tired smile,
I yearn an embrace to comfort her,
She crumbles in my arms, my love undivine.

All I do is hold her hand,
A silent prayer to draw out her grief,
The cruelty of fate dragging us to a forked road,
A struggle unforgiving,
A faith strong, but not enough.

Piety is for fools, and I am one today,
Hope for another plane, a world somewhere,
Where my angel is cradled and blossoms with love enduring,
Where our brimming eyes can melt God’s icy heart,
There, under the watch of kinder stars, I will find you again.

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