My Dad, The Pied Piper, a poem by SmithaV at
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My Dad, The Pied Piper

My Dad, The Pied Piper

written by: SmithaV



Your phone lies dead in my bedside drawer
I plug the charger in
It doesn’t bother me how long it’ll take
to revive- ‘coz I’m not sure
why I’m doing this
what I’m looking for
what I expect to find

I hear a beep – it comes alive
And I wish it were that easy
to bring back to life
anything dead
There’s a notification
It needs a software update
I choose ‘Later’,

It asks for a Whatsapp upgrade
I try,
I can’t- it’s complicated- this tech stuff
But the phone’s as good as new
Or as good as old
it’s breathing
And that’s all that matters

My heart races- beats hard in my chest
Like I’m going to see you- again
Helps me relive our last moments- together
my thumb clicks the receiver icon- ‘Recents’
my finger scrolls down the numbers- unknown ones
And names – mine, and my sister’s
mine and hers again.

And mine, and mine again
And hers, and mine and hers
Green ticks- I see the minutes
I wish we’d spoken longer
Red ticks- I wish we hadn’t missed
I stare hard at the screen
my mind wondering

how we could be the only ones
‘Who else will call,’ you had said
when I asked. ‘Other than you
and your sister?’
I felt sorry, even angry
But you didn’t care
For you always knew

what was important
You didn’t bother
about the small talk – the ‘Hellos and the ‘Hi’s’
You did what you had to –
You made us your priority
Until your last breath
And I know you didn’t care much for words

But I’m going to say it- ‘We love you
and always will.’
Though I know you always knew that
I’d seen it in your eyes
When we danced to your tune
And when your grandkids followed you
Like the rats of Hamelin Town.

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