My Encounter With A Candle, written by Amit Agarwalla at

My Encounter With A Candle

My Encounter With A Candle

written by: Amit Agarwalla


Last night, enjoying the candle-night dinner,
With the woman, I summon as dear,
I found, the candle talking to me,
In a mood, sad, happy and carefree.

The flame on top, was shining like sun,
The wax was melting, like tear drops on a run,
And, burning itself, in the fire of pyre,
It poured out, its heart’s every desire.

“I have seen thousands of couples,
Have flamed their romances, in multiple,
And, to what use this sacrifice of mine?
When in lust, love stays undermined.”

“Drop by drop, I die every single day,
For, love to survive, I cry everyday,
And, what I see breaks my heart,
Rarely, people love, beyond the physical part.”

“Why love has lost its glory?
For, burning myself now, feels like a gory,
But, yet in hope, to see love again,
I die everyday, in pain again.”

Hearing that, tears rolled down my cheeks,
Shaken, I was unable to drink,
That burning candle, showed me a mirror,
In the world, love is lost in lusty-error.

Do we today, have the right to love?
For lust, are we entitled to kill, a love seeking dove?
The molten wax, wanted to tell,
Why the world today, is a burning hell.

And, yet it glows and gives up its life in gory,
In hope of reviving, love’s lost glory,
When would the world, understand this pain?
And, a candle’s loss, would be turned to a gain.


(c)Amit Agarwalla

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