My Familiar: A Halloween Sonnet, poem by Kim Sosin at

My Familiar: A Halloween Sonnet

My Familiar: A Halloween Sonnet

written by: Kim Sosin


My black cat is my witches familiar
although my gray cat is my little love
They fight, so I must be the conciliar
or black and gray fur rain down from above.

Gray cat snuggles up next to me at night.
While black cat is out doing … who knows what?
If I need black for a cute little fright
he is right here strutting his flaunting strut.

Until one day I need to cast a spell
Black cat is off chasing a little mouse.
Gray cat and I give him a lusty yell
Black familiar is nowhere in the house.

Even a witch at height of her power
Can’t herd a small black cat for an hour.

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