My Favourite Mirror, poem by Jillian-Rae Picco at

My Favourite Mirror

My Favourite Mirror

written by: Jillian-Rae Picco


You are my favourite mirror.
the wavelength we both have caught
and ride together is made of my favourite waters
to swim, regardless of conditions.

You radiate my light to me
when darkness is all
I prefer to see, when night vision
blossoms through late-night depressions.

I can only remind you
of what is within you as you do me —
for the times you forget your greatness
are the times that I do too.

The strings of our love
weave the root systems of us together —
you, a water-absorbing oak
and I a pine who would travel wherever
If only to be
a reflection of you.
speak to me your beautiful lies,
speak to me your bittersweet truths.

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