My Gypsy Soul, poetry written by Neera Singhi Choraria at

My Gypsy Soul

My Gypsy Soul

written by: Neera Singhi Choraria


A gypsy wandering soul, from memories of long ago. Lifetimes of a journey, travelling too far, destinations unknown.

This path I wish to know of.
Searching for solace in miracles
Keeping hopes in broken stars,
A distant voice I hear from afar.
Footprints marking a pathway
On moist sands to tread along.

Seasons changing,
waves kissing the shore
Dewdrops shining on the petals, trees swaying, birds singing along.

Butterflies and bees sucking nectar
I still wander looking for the unknown
Collecting the fragments of memories.
Coursing through the dark woods towards
the light plains, I wish to be at peace and seek my gypsy soul.

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