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My Love Of Liquorice

written by: Nelson Brooks



A funny thing; a reason for passion,
the catalyst that lights the flame; for me
it began over thirty years ago
with my mentor; my friend; my Svengali,
my dear father; but he was always dad.
The man who could not walk past a health shop,
no pulses or grains but stick liquorish.
Once he had begun he would never stop
until reaching the end of the packet.
As you can guess; I developed a taste
for the bitter black sweet; yet however
much we bought it would never go to waste.

Purified, organic or natural,
the raw sticks of wood that we both could chew;
the taste in the latter; hard to obtain,
but grinding the twigs in our teeth we knew
true contentment; as the flavour emerged.
While the pulp disintegrated; it left
soft splinters in our teeth; it would take hours
to remove the remnants; the warp and weft
of the liquorish tree, formed memories,
and now he is gone, but they remain to be
picked at over the years, flossing removes
the wood; but still the flavour stays with me.

Nelson Brooks

Nelson Brooks

Having been a writer now for over twenty years, I thought it was high time to bring all of my various strings into one bow. In 2016 I published my first novel, Rules for a Born Again bachelor, which is available on Amazon as hardback, softback and Kindle versions. I have since completed two more novels and am writing a fourth. The second novel, The Perry Gene, has just been released (Jan 2020) on Kindle and Paperback. The earliest serious writing I undertook was poetry and in total now I have over 3000 poems stored and ready to deploy on top of a passionate love of Japanese short forms such as Haiku, Tanka, Senryu and Sedoka. Along the way, there have been short stories and forays into Non-fiction through the Analogies project which is an organisation trying to improve compliance to policy through the use of story telling. Also, the other non-fiction writing comes under the guise of 'Hoofing It' which is my blog site on horse racing. There is a plan to produce a biography of Admiral Henry John Rous, the father of the modern handicapping system in horse racing.
Nelson Brooks

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