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My Most Precious Gain

My Most Precious Gain

written by: Amit Agarwalla


As I sat, in this garden of roses,
Together with, some of my favourite proses,
I saw, the roses sway in joy,
And, a mist appeared playing with them as toy.

Through that mist, I saw him coming,
My heart started beating, like a drumming,
And, as the smoke cleared its being,
His presence is felt, in every breathing.

With a gentle smile, on his face,
He walked towards me, in his royal grace,
Reaching me, he bent over his knees,
My king, was saying, “Marry me, Please!”

His eyes were fixed, on my eyes,
I felt like being painted, in various dyes,
With a rose in his hand, and a box of ring,
I can’t resist “Yes”, to my King!!

Time stopped for ages, I felt,
As in that moment, my heart melt,
And, I could feel, Love’s sparkling streak,
Feeling strong, while legs felt hopelessly weak.

With that “Yes”, I gave my hand,
For him to put the ring, as garland,
And, as our lips melted together,
I felt that kiss, as life’s respirator.

And, now walking together, with hand in hand,
Again, through this, rose garden,
I feel like living, that moment again,
His presence is my life’s, most precious gain.


(c)Amit Agarwalla

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