My Part In The Game, written by John Patrick Robbins at

My Part In The Game

My Part In The Game

written by: John Patrick Robbins


Men do not give birth to children.
But great writers give birth to many.

I do not have children as an artist that was a choice I made.
And like any choice it came with a price.

I have lost women whom I have loved due to this.
But to be one with the page means giving up everything that matters.

Happiness is something I parted company with a very long time ago.

But one day my words will find someone.
Connect and give that spark of life to a true writer.

Maybe they will think hey I can do that.
Maybe they will breathe my words and call them their own.

Maybe some fool will recite them in hopes of getting laid creating a world of mistakes for everyone involved.

Either way it means my work did something more than its creator.

Us true writers were all the children of someone whom spilled their soul in ink once too.

I have made a lot of poor choices in my life.
Lost far more than I could ever gain.

I cast a shadow and one day so may you.

My words are all I have.
And that is far more than a room filled with people could ever fathom.

I hope one day to do as so many did for me.

Take my words for they are my soul keep them close for they are always true.

Never think of what may be.
The road ahead is all that matters from now on.

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