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written by: Julian Mann



At lock 212 there are arms, through which
The house from 1912
Is always seen. I sit on an arm
Of the canal, rocking myself slightly.
And I start a motion which, minutes later,
The blue hills having forgotten, the storm in
the trees,
Nudges me to attention.

There is a blackbird here
With a motif, one hundred years old;

Here they have kept the grass
Trim, with delicately dropped straws.



In my twenties, my teens,
The hedges and fields
I had left naive:
Only now have I begun

To love
The cold things of the house –
And she waits, in a kind of domestic bliss.

While I, having found,
I touch beauty in its purest form,
At this empty station of the canal.

I am keeping forward of the cill,
I am coming a long way back to
this place,
And a long way
To myself.

Julian Mann

Julian Mann

He has written since an early age, always sensitive to the mystery, beauty, and often, darkness, of landscape history and memory. In the last few years he has worked towards a dual sense of spirituality and art in his poems, inspired by T.S. Eliot, who is perhaps his strongest influence. He also greatly admires Geoffrey Hill and James Wright. He is an independently-spirited poet, and he hopes to encourage others to be the same; breaking away from the old culture of endlessly submitting to established publishers and journals, who are often too busy to appreciate the unique voices of true artists.
Julian Mann

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