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Nature's Music

written by: AngelFace44



The trees how they move
with the breeze they do sway.
Hear the soft rustle
of leaves as they play
to the tune of the wind
that sings sweetly this day.

The limbs are adorned
with much Spanish moss.
It dangles from branches
artfully tossed.
The light of the sun
setting in the west
glows through each patch
showing it at it’s best.

I sit on a bench
not too far away
admiring the view
at the end of the day.
Peace and tranquility
are easily found
lulled by nature’s music
that can not be bound.



I have always had a love affair with books and am an avid reader. I recently started writing poetry and have fallen in love with it. Expressing myself through the written word is a great release. Sharing my work with others and being welcomed into the communities of other writers is amazing.

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