Near A Creek Among The Cotton Trees by Nisha Raviprasad at

Near A Creek Among The Cotton Trees

Near A Creek Among The Cotton Trees

written by: Nisha Raviprasad



Near a creek among the cotton trees
I dream of a home made of wood
whereupon the rooftop would fall like snow
soft cotton balls and twigs to toast marshmallows

over the stones rugged but smooth
each night I shall hear the waters play a tune
a tune that makes the chimney huff and puff
one that silences the chatter inside my bones

to a stray puppy that has come to stay
and kitten that mews for more
I shall recite poems of Walt Whitman and Mary Oliver
for they are all I know

when the morn rays slice through the clean panes of glass
rousing me up from my drunken slumber
I shall wander through the greens and wash my face clean
as though there lies never a tomorrow or a moment next

I shall drive out to the brewing work
and come home into the web of cuddled loneliness
I have weaved for myself.

Nisha Raviprasad

Nisha Raviprasad

I live in Kochi, Kerala, India. I love poetry. I am passionate about words and the rhythm they make when written well.
Nisha Raviprasad

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