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Needing Each Other

written by: Philomena Daly


After such a long period of no physical contact, it was heaven to feel the heaving breathing body at her back, that felt as if it breathed in sync with her own inhalations and exhalations. What one breathed out, the other breathed in. It was so welcome and so comforting. No need to speak. Just each enjoying the presence of the other. Tears flowed, unbeckoned, as the emotions of togetherness and camaraderie of such a tranquil and secretly shared moment. All was well with the world as the moments exchanged places with each other; just as the leaning of her body moved ever so slightly in response to the breathing body of the tree, whose trunk was also gently swaying due to the high winds overhead blowing the canopy. But all was quiet and safe down here on the forest floor as she relaxed against this beautiful tree, and was grateful.

Philomena Daly

Philomena Daly

I am Irish and have enjoyed living in different parts of Ireland and love meeting new people and listening to their life stories. I also enjoy reminiscing on my rural Irish childhood and writing about same, several such articles have been published in the Ireland's Own weekly magazine. I also love letter writing, to friends and have also been awarded Letter of the Week several times with the Sunday Independent.
Philomena Daly

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