New Year's Wish written by Roger Turner at

New Year’s Wish

New Year’s Wish

written by: roger turner



remember those who left us
be they family or friends
you can make the new year better
but, first wait until this one ends

don’t rush into the future
it will get here soon enough
and with it comes new memories
and lots of other stuff

don’t criticize the past year
what is done is done
just live the new year slowly
and remember to have fun

the old year held emotions
the new one holds them too
but, make each interaction
one that shows that you are you

love more than you’ve ever
loved another living soul
share your whole heart’s contents
make that your new year’s goal

i wish you all good wishes
may this year be better than the last
may the time go slightly slower
as i age, time goes so fast

if you stay up until midnight
start the new year with a toast
may the new year be much better
now the old year is a ghost.

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