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Jonathan Rados



written by: Pandora’s Pen


Glistening stars,
In the night’s dark sky,
Seems comforting,
Perhaps not all stories of the dark are for scare,
Some to create,
Others to mare,
But this truth is yet unheard.

Cricket chirps,
Singing along to lullabies of old,
The songs sang in folklores our fore-fathers told,
Hoots from the night owl,
Serving as the eyes of those unseen,
We are never truly alone.

As the men at war wept
For their lost brothers,
The nightingale sang his song,
To quicken their countenance
Or perhaps their spirits to cheer.
This night is black,
This night is beautiful.

Let the stars,
Lead the lost ones home.
May the dark clouds serve as a protective covering to all men homeless,
And the moon,
Be a guide to those astray,
I pray.

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