No Second Chance, a poem by Kawsar Khalil at

No Second Chance

No Second Chance

written by: Kawsar Khalil



There is no second chance in life
What you can do, do it now
Or when the bird flies out of the cage
It shall never return into it again
And that is the most firm rule.

Things may overturn any time
And dragons of pessimism begin to haunt
But the fire of positivity and firm belief
Reinforce your lost strength
And you come out with flying colours.

This world has numerous souls
That behave like free schools
Hurling stones and flints that bruise
But your stern duty is to gather them all
And build your beautiful castle.

Your life is like a book
It has a beginning; it has an end
The chapters are fixed
Every line and every word must be read
Before you close the book and wait for your return.

Retain your friends and energize love
Keep your foes at bay and stay calm
If you can’t win over your foes
At least try to peter out the pungency
And that asset is within your control.

Please be broadminded
And let not be a weakling
Hard work is not smooth.

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