No Stranger To The Estranged, poetry by Mark Tulin at
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No Stranger To The Estranged

No Stranger To The Estranged

written by: Mark Tulin



I watched people from a distance,
walking in opposite directions,
with my hands in my pockets,
in the same syncopated rhythm
with my life on hold

I wandered down city streets,
past uncollected mailboxes,
and felt sorry for the kid on the corner
who sells single stem roses

I’ve drunk too many nightcaps,
attended too many office parties
for the women and men
who sold their souls for the company

I’ve been the king of superficial,
somnolent and narcoleptic,
kept my opinions to myself,
stored my worries in a safe deposit box

But now I see my misdirection,
my overcorrection,
pounding rocks in a jailhouse,
instead of standing up and being counted

I’ll let this old dog have his day
Stop waving the flag of conformity
Proudly dive off the deep end,
wearing flip-flops and Speedos
instead of khakis and polos.

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