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No Such Thing As Love

No Such Thing as Love

written by: Dan Leicht



There’s no such thing as love, at least the way we’ve seen performed.
There’s no such thing as first sight, other than lust. We find someone,
feel it in inside, the chemicals in our brains
churning – keeps the species alive, but that feeling isn’t love.
Love is when you realize their faults, but you accept them.
Love is when you can look into the same eyes every day without regret.
Their dishes are dirty day after day in the sink. Do you love cleaning them?
Love is splitting the housework, the bills – is it your turn to check on the baby?
Years later, beside you on the porch, as you’re watching the new neighbors
move in, love is the one you see beside you
commenting on the number of beds being moved out from the truck,
keeping you laughing,
“They must not get much sleep.”

Dan Leicht

Dan Leicht

Dan Leicht, a writer from Rochester NY, often writes poetry as well as fiction, which can be found on his author site. His poetry has previously been published with Canto Magazine and Work Literary Magazine.
Dan Leicht

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