No Time Like The Present, a poem by Denis Feehan at
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No Time Like The Present

No Time Like The Present

written by: Denis Feehan


the elves cannot budge it
but nine flying reindeer
have only to nudge it

and off they all fly
with Santa Ho-Ho-ing
and only Red Rudolph
aware where they’re going

but finding their way
is not their main problem
the clock on each mantel
is what’s really got ’em

’cause midnight in Maine
is ten down in Austin
and six up in Juneau
and twelve back in Boston

and what is the time
on clocks in Oahu?
(they don’t change their standard
like folks in St Paul do)

oh, what’s to be done?
the gifts must deliver
the same time in Dayton
as Durham and Denver

there’s twenty-four zones
and each one is different
still, billions of toys must
be left in an instant

but Santa won’t fret
the kids down in Macon
will have all their presents
in time for their bacon

’cause Christmas is love
and love has such power
it helps Santa finish
in less than an hour!

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