North London Nativity, a poem by Sarra Culleno at
Jamie Davies

North London Nativity

North London Nativity

written by: Sarra Culleno



Year 2 file into the assembly hall,
for parents, arrange the order they stand.
In dreidel graphics, white and blue. Or all
gold jewellery, bindis and henna hands.

Or Angels in white with tinsel halos.
Or vivid, embroidered, lace Baju Kurungs.
Like Slade, “Khag Ha Molad!” the class bellows.
Wham’s best “Pichale Krisamas” is sung.

King Rama lights the eight night menorah.
Nakasura follows star to manger.
Macabees light clay lamps for Ravana.
“Feed the World” sang to end world hunger

and Iftar turkey with all the trimmings
gifted to Our Lord’s humble beginnings

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