Not To Be Forgotten, poetry by Don Knowles at
Peter Herrmann

Not To Be Forgotten

Not To Be Forgotten

written by: Don Knowles



We all strive not to be the forgotten
Remembrance of deeds that were our lives
Embossed in vicarious brief impressions
Fleeting moments that flirt with finite life
Bedrock mounted moral stances
Evaporation of the ethics we sealed up tight
Preserving our presence on pinnacled precipices
Burning beacons belittle the bow of night
So we come
So we go
Brief bargains besmirch our souls
From the start until all end
Around each fog cloaked bend
We leave a trace in dna
Our tangled strands etching fraternity
Ladders built by maternity
A minuscule memo of memories
And so it goes
And so it is
To pass on surname temperament and abilities
To spark a life to existence
Within our semester on this earth
To spur a future reminder
A longing not to be one of the forgotten
Endeavoring eternity
Striving not to be forgotten

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