Now I Can Breathe, a poem by Tré’Jhaun Andrece Dueberry at

Now I Can Breathe Again

Now I Can Breathe Again

written by: Tré’Jhaun Andrece Dueberry


You won’t just simply
always have a place
in my heart.

You are my heart.

Every square foot,
every chamber,
vessel and capillary
doesn’t merely belong to you

Possession so trivial
Occupancy so insufficient

Tenancy alone
so unfulfilling
so unsatisfying
so inaccurate
A description
A label
A portraiture

My heart is your being
Your spirit is my breath
My nucleus is your anima
Your soul is my existence
My animus is your consciousness
Your intuition is my truth

You don’t just carry
a piece of me;
You are me
and I am you.

I beat for you with no regrets.

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