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Now is Time

Now is Time

written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


I retreat into my mind,
eager to find a pleasant place
because there I know
I will not be disappointed
and I can enjoy a 6-star stay.

When I entered
I caught my eye on a splendid tapestry,
illuminated by two powerful spots of light
and cleverly woven
with thousands of threads and colours.
A work of donation
patience, selflessness, love.
The perfect habitat
to enjoy the essence of life.
I made myself comfortable
in the armchair placed in the core,
enjoying an excellent view.
I felt like a river of light
flowing unhurriedly,
bathing the flowers, the trees,
the birds without charge.
Now I had time to calmly savour
all the good and wonderful things
I’d put off.

I always felt that beauty
went hand in hand with poetry,
when I looked at a flower,
an ear rippling in the wind,
a poppy smiling shyly,
lost in the wheat field,
the sky of unparalleled blue,
a marigold
lurking on the side of the road.
Where I saw beauty, I saw poetry.
Now is the time to enjoy and savour.

Freedom and truth are true twins.
I have never seen one
separate from the other
and there is one thing
that caught my attention;
they are always dressed the same.
Now it’s time for a new dress and savour.

The love and the cry of the heart
also joined together.
I can’t understand how love,
so sweet and so cute,
makes the heart cry so much.
Now is the time to understand and savour.

I closed my eyes to concentrate
and heard a voice singing in the wind.
It was such a sweet voice
and so well-pitched,
singing such beautiful songs.
Music designed with love,
entwined with winged thoughts
in search of hidden treasures in the soul.
I was surprised
when I found out it was my voice.
I thought I couldn’t sing!

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