Now They're Just Voids, poetry written by Linda M. Crate at
Kim Sammut

Now They’re Just Voids

Now They’re Just Voids

written by: Linda M. Crate



someone told you that i should tell you
how i feel and felt,
but i don’t know if it would
even matter to you;

i doubt you remember my magic
or my sunsets or moon songs

i’m sure my name only brings you pain—

wasn’t courageous enough
to tell you
how i felt,

and i lashed out in a misunderstanding;

i know everyone makes mistakes but losing you isn’t
something i think i will ever let go of

you were unforgettable—

for you were the fae that awoke in me
the dreaming when i thought it was dead and gone,
and you reminded me of my magic and my worth;
made me realize that just living wasn’t enough that i had
to pursue my dreams and my passions

i miss the days where our conversations
bloomed like spring flowers and glittered like stars—

now they’re just voids that whisper to me of your name.

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