Observations From My Conservatory, drabble by Bonnie Clements at Spillwords.com
John Yunker

Observations From My Conservatory

Observations From My Conservatory

written by: Bonnie Clements



Settling in my cosy armchair, looking out from my warm conservatory, I explore the garden with expectant eyes. The reed buntings are back, their black caps bobbing on the metal tray filled with the RSPB’s special-mix seed ‘renowned for encouraging the shyer birds’. There are no shy birds in my garden. Smiling, I peer through my binoculars, encountering a dunnock foraging the grass beneath the feeding tray. Long-tailed tits dance along the fat balls and I do believe that’s a greater-spotted woodpecker navigating the oak tree. Oh, what splendour to see and enjoy in such a splendid way this morning.

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