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Occasionally Melancholy Muse

written by: James Yesley


Like a roll of thunder, across the plain.
She put my head back in the game.
Her beautiful mystery drew me in.
Giddy like a kid again.
Raven hair, a gorgeous smile.
She makes the work worth all my while.
Those big doe eyes, blueish grey.
I'd try but couldn't stay away.
Before were finished, I want more.
I'd wait all night outside her door.
To merely touch her, I would cry.
I hope she thinks these words are sly.
She says she likes the way I write.
I'd love if she'd crash here tonight.
My heart would pound right from my chest.
To hold her close would be the best.
Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win.
My happiness begins again.

James Yesley

James Yesley

Born and raised in southern IL, holder of menial jobs, part time gunsmith and avid firearm enthusiast. Full time writer.
James Yesley

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