Ocean Fling, a poem written by Aida at Spillwords.com
Luca Bravo

Ocean Fling

Ocean Fling

written by: Aida


Strong breeze coming from walloping
ocean waves, until the sunset, calm the
wind. The moonlight reflection glitters
the vast ocean, tranquility at night lull
the tides, softly tossing the sands.

The salty air clings to my skin, crusty
sand gets tickled in between toes.
Playful big waves, teasing tiny ripples
in push and pull and colored sea treasures
washes ashore.

At the early dawn break, I ran on the
boardwalk, to catch some fresh air and
take a walk. A loud greet of seagulls broke
the solitude, some colorful broken glasses
scattered on the shore, mistook as food.

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