October, poetry by Józefa Ślusarczyk-Latos at Spillwords.com



written by: Józefa Ślusarczyk-Latos


the sky peels off into infinity
into languorous giggle of grass
of fowl in brown scrub
the eye-sight keener as the soul
looks at itself in the mirror
quicker than the wind it pierces
the opening of the horizon – canvas of yearning

my heart shivers with cold
in uninsulated house
step by step it follows the sun
(sentry with no leave)
veins turn grey strained like subsoil waters
angels snatch their wings from the ground –
yet again and again they sink into the trees

in spring the buds will shoot out hope more lasting
than the eye-sight and new love shall bear us
heart shall take wing and fly –
we shall live – we shall live
peel off into infinity with the sky

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